Dry Eye Disease


Neuropathic Corneal Pain

OK-101 Drug Candidate

  • Inflammation and pain are the most common symptoms of dry eye
  • OK-101 is a novel class of chemerin receptor agonist that produces an anti-inflammatory action and reduction in neuropathic pain
  • Inclusion of a lipid ‘anchor’ within the OK-101 drug molecule is designed to decrease washout due to tearing and blinking, and to enhance the ocular residence time of OK-101

Dry Eye Disease

  • Dry Eye affects over 35% of the population aged 50+, with women representing approximately two-thirds of those affected
  • Worldwide, ~700 M patients suffer from dry eye disease
  • Several side effects and modest efficacy of currently available drugs demand new therapies to treat dry eye disease
  • Huge potential for new drugs for a $5 Billion dry eye market

Rapid Clinical Development

  • IND submitted Q4 2022
  • Able to skip Phase 1 safety trial and go directly to Phase 2 safety and efficacy trial in dry eye disease patients
  • Phase 2 trial in dry eye disease patients started May 2023
  • Topline data announced in Q1 2024