Presentation of Preclinical Data Demonstrating Potential of OKYO-0101 for Dry Eye Treatment

Mar 7, 2019

‘OKYO-0101 is a proprietary first-in-class GPCR agonist for topical treatment of dry eye disease’

OKYO Pharma Limited (LSE: OKYO), a biotechnology company developing targeted drugs for inflammatory eye diseases and chronic pain, announces that it will present preclinical results demonstrating anti-inflammatory activity and the potential of OKYO-0101 for dry eye treatment. The presentation will take place at the ‘late-breaking poster session’ of 14th Congress on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, a biennial meeting of Association for Ocular Pharmacology & Therapeutics (AOPT) in New Orleans from 7-10 March 2019. The major theme of this year’s meeting is “Next Generation of Ocular Therapeutics”.

The details of the presentation are:

Poster entitled “OKYO-0101, an agonist of G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), ameliorates inflammation in an experimental model of dry eye disease in mice” will be presented at the ‘late Breaking Poster Session’ from 17:30-19:00 on March 8th, 2019.


  • Increase in corneal permeability due to dry eye was reduced significantly by topical treatment with OKYO-0101 as compared to vehicle group.
  • Potency of OKYO-0101 in reducing corneal permeability was comparable to cyclosporine, an active ingredient of Restasis® (Allergan).
  • OKYO‑0101 normalized the dry eye induced loss of goblet cell density.
  • OKYO-0101 reduced the dry eye induced-enhancement of CD4+ T-cells, which are known biomarkers of inflammation.
  • Rabbit ocular tolerance test using OKYO-0101 showed no adverse signs such as inflammation, chemosis or hyperemia and signs of local irritation.
  • Clinical ophthalmic exam of rabbit eyes after topical application of OKYO-0101 for 4 days (twice daily) showed no vascularization, discharge, edema, cloudiness or retinal hemorrhage.
  • These preclinical data demonstrate potential of OKYO-0101 for treatment of dry eye disease.

“This exciting data represent a first important milestone confirming ‘Proof-of-Concept’ in preclinical studies for therapeutic potential of OKYO-0101 for dry eye disease” said Dr. Raj Patil, Senior Director R&D, OKYO Pharma Limited.

About Dry Eye

Dry eye is a multifactorial disease caused by underlying inflammation resulting in the lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Symptoms of dry eye include constant discomfort and irritation accompanied by inflammation of ocular surface, visual impairment and potential damage to ocular surface. Dry Eye affects over 35% of 50+ older population, with women representing approximately two-thirds of those affected. Prevalence of dry eye is expected to increase substantially in the near future due to an aging population. Dry eye syndrome represents a major economic burden in public healthcare accounting to total annual cost for the management of disease to US economy more than $50 billion annually.

About OKYO-0101

OKYO-0101 is an agonist of Chemerin, which belongs to GPCR family of receptors, that inhibits underlying inflammation causing dry eye, uveitis and allergic conjunctivitis. Anti-inflammatory action of OKYO-0101 follows a novel mechanism, which inhibits the generation of proinflammatory mediators. OKYO-0101 is a proprietary first-in-class topically administered GPCR agonist for dry eye.

About AOPT

AOPT is a global not-for-profit organization for scientists and individuals from all disciplines related to ocular pharmacology and its therapeutic applications. AOPT has a diverse, multi-national membership composed of preclinical and clinical scientists, students, and healthcare professionals. Members are from academic institutions, pharma and biotech industries, device companies, clinics and private practice. (Source: AOPT Website).

About OKYO

OKYO is a UK biotechnology company that focuses on the discovery and development of novel molecules to treat inflammatory eye diseases and chronic pain. In addition to OKYO-0101, the Company is also developing OKYO-0201 for ocular and chronic pain.



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