Result of General Meeting

May 3, 2023

Result of General Meeting

The board of directors of OKYO Pharma Limited (LSE: OKYO; NASDAQ: OKYO), an ophthalmology-focused bio-pharmaceutical company which is developing OK-101 to treat dry eye disease to address the significant unmet need in this multi-billion-dollar market, is pleased to announce that at the General Meeting (“GM“) of the Company held earlier today all resolutions were duly passed.

The result of the poll, including the proxy voting, is as follows:

  ForAgainstDiscretionWithheld For + discretion
ResolutionDescriptionVotes% Votes CastVotes% Votes CastVotes% Votes CastVotesTotal Votes Cast (excl. Votes Withheld)Votes% Votes Cast
RES:001SHARE CONSOLIDATION     545,538,27799.93375,1030.0732,9150.00660,371545,946,295545,571,19299.93
RES:002DIRECTORS TO ALLOT SHARES545,533,34499.92378,8360.0732,9150.00661,571545,945,095545,566,25999.93
RES:003PRE-EMPTION RIGHTS      545,527,39299.92384,7880.0732,9150.00661,571545,945,095545,560,30799.93
RES:004AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES   545,327,39299.93375,1030.0732,9150.00671,256545,735,410545,360,30799.93

Further information on votes:

As at 2 May 2023, there were 1,658,792,349 ordinary shares in issue. Shareholders are entitled to one vote per ordinary share. Any vote withheld is not a vote in law and so has not been included in the calculation of the proportion of votes for and against any Resolution.

The resolutions were all passed on a poll, with votes cast in accordance with proxy voting instructions submitted to the Company by the relevant deadline, together with those cast at the GM itself, and will be available on the National Storage Mechanism,

The result of poll and proxy voting will also be available on the Company’s website,


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